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Lessons from the San Francisco Airbnb Fight
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California’s Regulations are Harming Small Businesses
Northbay Biz more

The Problem With Private Lawyers Courting Attorney Generals more

Arthur Laffer: Are monthly jobs numbers misleading?
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Luncheon with SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher
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Are low interest rates doing more harm than good? with Lee Hoskins

Jackpot Justice Series
Jackpot Justice is a three-part documentary series based on the policy research of Lawrence McQuillan, Pacific Research Institute's director of... more

Report: California Pensions Underfunded by $500B

Corruption in America
STEVEN GREENHUT, CAL WATCHDOG EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Yes, it's incredible looting. I mean, this is the pension problem at its extreme. more

Tort Liability Index: 2010 Report

Taxifornia by Jason Clemens
Read the full study here more

Tort Reform
Tort reform is a popular call-to-action when it comes to healthcare legislation. In general tort reform in the healthcare arena refers to reducing... more

The Road To Serfdom
Steven Greenhut appeared on Fox Business' The John Stossel Show to discuss the road to serfdom and public employee pension programs.  more

Prospective Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Entrepreneurship

The 50-State Small Business Regulation Index

Improving the Incentive to Innovate