Board of Directors

Chairman, Clark S. Judge
Managing Director
White House Writers Group

Sally C. Pipes
President & CEO
Pacific Research Institute

Secretary/Treasurer, Thomas C. Magowan
Club Minibar, Inc.

Katherine H. Alden
Woodside Hotels & Resorts

Larry C. Boyd
Executive Vice President
Secretary & General Counsel
Ingram Micro Inc.

The Honorable Christopher Cox
Bingham McCutchen

James T. Farrell
Managing Director
Calera Capital, LLC

Peter C. Farrell, Ph.D., AM
President and CEO

Daniel M. Kolkey
Gibson Dunn

Chairman Emeritus
The Honorable Daniel Oliver
Senior Advisor
White House Writers Group

Sandra E. Gale
CEO, The Gourmet Center, Inc.

Russell A. Johnson
Partner, KPLJ Ventures

Bruce Margetson
Chairman and CEO
Cortina Systems

Ted Ullyot
Attorney at Law

Richard A. Wallace
Freedom Communications

Christopher Wright
President & CEO
Liberty Resources, LLC

Emeritus Board Members

Frank Baxter
Chairman Emeritus
Jefferies Group Inc.

Lisa Guillermin Gable

David H. Keyston