Beth Haynes, MD

Beth Haynes, MD

Executive Director

Benjamin Rush Institute

Dr. Beth Haynes, MD, Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Society.

Dr Haynes, previously board-certified in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, has put the active practice of medicine on hold in order to work on health care policy.

Dr. Haynes is also currently the Senior Health Policy Analyst and Advisory Board Member for Docs 4 Patient Care, a national physician membership organization dedicated to preserving the doctor-patient relationship and to restoring health care freedom for all. She is also on the Board of Directors of The Dr. Joseph Warren Institute and until recently was the National Co-Chair of Docs Squads, its major project. The mission of Doc Squads is to recruit and train doctors to lead the public health care debate.

Dr. Haynes is also the founder and president of the Black Ribbon Project, devoted to promoting the black ribbon/caduceus as a symbol of freedom of choice for patients and doctors in order to preserve the integrity of doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Haynes has had several op- eds published in, PJ Media and the American Thinker and frequently speaks to citizen and professional groups on health care policy, the ACA and the moral business of medicine.