Housing Policy

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Issue Brief on California’s housing crisis
Kerry Jackson

CEQA:  How to Mend It, Since You Can’t End It
The Hon. Dan Kolkey
Capital Ideas brief

California’s Housing Crisis: Legislature Still Provides Little Hope for Progress
Kerry Jackson
Right by the Bay, 4/25/19

Does California Even Know How to Fix Its Housing Problem?
Kerry Jackson
Times of San Diego, 2/6/19

Yes, It’s True. California Must Build A Lot More Housing to Close Gap
Kerry Jackson
Right by the Bay, 3/27/18

End-of-Session Housing Push Won’t Make Dent in State’s Housing Problem
Kerry Jackson
Right by the Bay, 9/6/17

Will Sacramento Finally Restore California’s Housing Market?
Kerry Jackson
Orange County Register, 8/10/17

What California Should Do to Ease Housing Crisis
Kerry Jackson
East Bay Times, 12/20/17

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