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Watch: How Do We Stop California’s Outmigration Problem with Dr. Lee Ohanian

Watch Hoover Institution senior fellow and UCLA professor Dr. Lee Ohanian discuss California’s growing outmigration problem with Dr. Wayne Winegarden, PRI senior fellow in business and economics. They discuss cost of living problems worsened by poor state public policies that are increasing housing costs across the state and worsening quality …

Drug Innovation

Wayne Winegarden on NTD News to Discuss Congress Pushing Back on Pharmaceutical Benefit Managers

Congress is beginning to push back on pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs). PRI’s Wayne Winegarden tells NTD News that a large problem lies in the lack of transparency in the drug pricing system. Reforming the PBM system could reduce costs for patients. Click to watch the interview on NTD News.


Urban Ag Promotes Healthy Food, Thriving Gardens

Urban Ag Promotes Healthy Food, Thriving Gardens MARCH 27, 2023 Watch as Steven Greenhut of the Free Cities Center tours City Slicker Farms in Oakland, an urban agriculture program that promotes access to healthy food, thriving gardens and urban green spaces.


Steve Smith talks California’s decade of decriminalization and his new study on the Sunrise FM Podcast

The sudden reemergence of widespread crime – from petty to violent – has Californians of all stripes worried. For Steve Smith of the Pacific Research Institute, the genesis of this slide into crime begin with a trio of policies aimed at early release of prisoners and decriminalization of key laws. …

Free Cities

Watch: How Art Can Improve Urban Life with Roberta Ahmanson

Watch as Steven Greenhut of PRI’s Free Cities Center discusses how art can improve the quality of life in urban centers.

Classroom Ideology

Watch PRI’s Lance Izumi Discuss The Great Parent Revolt on Fox and Friends

Watch Lance Izumi, senior director of PRI’s Center for Education, discuss his new book The Great Parent Revolt on “Fox and Friends” on Fox News Channel.  Asra Nomani, one of the parents profiled in the book, joins Lance in the interview.

Charter School

Watch: Charter Schools Can Improve Urban Learning Options

Watch as Steven Greenhut of PRI’s Free Cities Center talks with Natomas Charter School Executive Director Dr. Joe Wood and tours the innovative campus that is changing lives in a diverse Sacramento community.


Watch Tour: Increasing Housing Density Can Build Thriving Neighborhoods

Watch as Steven Greenhut of PRI’s Free Cities Center and California YIMBY director of communications Matthew Lewis go on a tour of Berkeley to see first hand how denser, multi-family housing units and exist in harmony with single-family homes and create thriving neighborhoods.


OC Rescue Mission: How a Private Charity is Turning Around Lives More Effectively Than Government

Watch video tour of the Orange County Rescue Mission and interview with president Jim Palmer to learn how the private charity is turning lives around more effectively than traditional government homeless programs.

Charter School

Watch Lance Izumi Speak at OC Board of Ed Hearing on Charter Schools

Watch Lance Izumi, senior director of PRI’s Center for Education, join fellow education reform advocates in addressing reporters before an Orange County Board of Education hearing on charter schools.  

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