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Fast-food Restaurants’ Future Now in the Hands of California Voters

The controversial fast-food labor law, AB 257, was signed into a law just last week by Governor Newsom. AB 257, also known as the Fast Recovery Act, will see a new government-appointed body set industry standards on wages and working hours among other things for fast-food workers in California. However, just a day after Newsom signed the Fast Recovery Act into law, opponents filed a referendum with the California Attorney General’s office seeking to overturn …

CPAs Licensed to Kill?

“I’m the money,” announced the British Treasury accountant Vesper Lynde as she introduced herself to Agent 007 in the classic scene from Casino Royale.  The Bond girl would eventually meet her end in a watery grave off the coast of Venice — 007 wasn’t in time to save her.  Her demise left the following existential question unanswered:  Had she carried a gun, would she have thwarted the bad guys, got away with taxpayer funds, and …


What Will Inflation Reduction Act Mean for Health Care, Climate, and the Economy?

Now that it has been passed by Congress, PRI’s top experts join us to discuss what the so-called Inflation Reduction Act will mean for you and your family.

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NEW STUDY: Despite Billions Spent, Project Homekey Providing No Way Home for State’s Homeless

BY KERRY JACKSON and WAYNE WINEGARDEN   SACRAMENTO – Contrary to claims that Project Homekey is successfully addressing California’s homeless crisis, a new study released …


Wayne Winegarden – Soaring Gas Prices

We discuss with Wayne what’s on everyone’s mind – inflation, rising gas prices, a possible recession, and whose to blame. He cuts through all the finger-pointing in Washington and Sacramento and offers ways that will truly help lower prices.

Massachusetts Fails to Learn the Lesson of the “Success” From California’s AB 5

The top court in Massachusetts shut down a gig work ballot measure last week in a litigation battle brought on by opponents of independent contracting …

Wayne Winegarden Warns of the Consequences of Gas Tax Holidays and Gas Rebates in Newsweek

Wayne Winegarden, PRI fellow for Business & Economics, warns of the consequences of gas tax holidays and gas rebates in Newsweek: Wayne Winegarden, a senior …

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NEW STUDY: Competitive Markets Reduce Electricity Costs, Improve Reliability, Lower Emissions

States with competitive electricity markets saw cheaper energy prices, more energy infrastructure investment to improve efficiency and reliability, and greater emission reductions compared to monopoly …

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Biden’s Non-Plan for Fighting Inflation

In a recent survey, Americans ranked inflation as the most urgent issue facing the country.  So, our ears perked up when Pres. Biden began laying …

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