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Consumers, Not ‘Polluters’, Would Be Hard Hit by New Climate Tax Legislation

Consumers, Not ‘Polluters’, Would Be Hard Hit by New Climate Tax Legislation Wayne Winegarden     May 2024 SB-1497, the Polluters Pay Climate Cost Recovery Act of 2024, purports to “require fossil fuel polluters to pay their fair share of the damage caused by the sale of their products…to relieve a portion of the burden from climate harms that is borne by California taxpayers.” The premise of this Act is theoretically flawed. If implemented, it will ...
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See how California's policy agenda is affecting other states

The Commerce Clause Vs. The California Progressive Agenda

Isn’t it written somewhere that one state can’t enact policies that interfere with commerce between other states? Maybe in the Constitution? Maybe in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3? This passage, known as the Commerce Clause, says that Congress shall have the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes.” According to Congress, the clause “​​restricts states from impairing interstate commerce.” Scholars at the Constitution Center ...

California Soaked In EVs

As status symbols go, an electric vehicle is a cheap and easy statement  for the well-off in California. There are about 28 EV registrations for every 1,000 residents, says Inside EVs, almost twice as many as the next state, Hawaii, where there are almost 16 per 1,000. But maybe the Golden State has a limit on exhibitionism. EV sales had fallen for three straight quarters. During the just-ended first quarter, 102,507 new light-duty zero-emission vehicles ...

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