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State Will Fall 21.1 Percent Short of Power Needed to Meet 2045 EV Mandate

California will fall 21.1 percent short of the electricity required to meet the state’s 100 percent electric vehicle mandates, finds a new report from the nonpartisan California free-market think tank, the Pacific Research Institute.   Download the study here “California’s green energy mandates will require families and businesses to consume more energy from the electricity grid instead of fossil fuels, making it less likely that we can generate the necessary power,” said Dr. Wayne Winegarden

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Will New LA Government Agency Reduce ‘Food Inequality’?

This new bureau “will expand on the efforts of the Food Equity Roundtable,” a public-private partnership established in 2021 “to ensure just and equitable access to nutritious food in L.A. County.” “By creating the first-ever L.A. County Office of Food Equity, we can build on the work we already started with our partners, modernize our food system, and work toward a future where everyone in L.A. County can get the healthy food they need,” says
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The state’s housing shortages have consequences

Due to a combination of population growth and a slow response by the home-building industry, California had by 2020 fallen an estimated 3.5-million units short of what was needed to bring supply into balance with demand. Since that time, the gap has narrowed by half, with the state logging a net population loss of 700,000 at the same time as roughly the same number of new housing units have been built. But that still leaves the state 1.5-million units

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