State Public Plans No Blueprint for Affordable Healthcare

A divided Congress has prevented “Medicare for All” from taking off. So progressive activists have turned their attention to the states. Several have launched “public options,” health plans chartered by the state to compete against private insurers. The results have not been impressive. People are not opting for public option …


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Scope-of-practice reforms can address doctor shortage

America is facing a chronic doctor shortage. Solving that problem will require not just more doctors but a much bigger role for advanced-practice nurses in our healthcare system. A 2021 report found that the United States will need nearly as many as 48,000 more primary care doctors by 2034 to …


New COVID-19 research is troubling

Gov’t Undermines Search for Heart Disease Treatments

New research into COVID-19 has revealed some troubling findings. Even mild cases can lead to lasting heart complications. Comparing test data collected before and after a group of patients in their mid-30s contracted mild cases of COVID, researchers noticed an increase in arterial stiffness and cardiovascular inflammation. That means they may face “a widespread …


Moderna, Pfizer signal they plan to raise price of their shots

In defense of pandemic profits

The price of a COVID-19 shot will soon go up. The federal public health emergency ended this month, and the government will stop providing COVID vaccines to all Americans free of charge. Moderna and Pfizer have both signaled that they plan to raise the prices of their shots once the …


We’d be “wacko” not to implement Medicaid work requirements

The United States is hurtling toward fiscal catastrophe — and faster than expected. The Treasury Department just warned that the federal government could default on its debts as soon as June 1 if lawmakers don’t reach a deal to raise the nation’s debt limit. House Republicans passed a bill that …


Newsom wisely channels Jerry Brown on state budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s just released “May Revise” budget plan is generating criticism from a surprising source — legislative progressives. The Newsom administration projects that the shortfall has grown by $9.3 billion to $31.5 billion. Adding to the problem, California can’t count on a federal bailout and the national economy is …


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Why is Medicaid still treating COVID-19 as a public health emergency?

The federal public health emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic came to an end Thursday, more than three years after it was first enacted in 2020. That comes on the heels of the World Health Organization’s declaration on May 5 that COVID-19 was no longer a global health emergency. And on …


Medicaid Work Requirements Address Laziness Head On

The spending cuts included in the bill House Republicans passed in late April to raise the debt ceiling have Democrats up in arms. But federal spending has soared. It’s now 5 percentage points higher as a share of GDP than the average since 1960. As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy quipped this week, “Is it …


New Green Mandate Would Increase Electricity Costs

The EPA’s California Dreamin’ would be a nightmare for the country

By Rea S. Hederman Jr. and Wayne Winegarden The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released new emissions rules for coal- and natural gas-fired powerplants. Again. The new rules target greenhouse gases and requires electric utility companies to cut emissions “by 90 percent — or shut down.” The Biden Administration, eager …


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The Continuing Danger From Progressive’s Faulty Excess Profit Allegations

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) continuously confirm Alexander Pope’s famous maxim about a little bit of knowledge. It truly is a dangerous thing, especially in the hands of politicians. During a May 11th meeting of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee, Sen. …

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