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California Emphasizes The ‘DIE’ In Diesel

The state Air Resources Board has approved new rules that says, “all Class I line haul locomotives” that have “an original engine build date of 2035 and beyond” can operate in California only if they have “a zero-emissions configuration.” That’s also the last year that new diesel big rigs can …


Rea Hederman, Jr. – How Much More Will You Pay for Electricity Under Revived Clean Power Plan?

Buckeye Institute Vice President of Policy Rea Hederman Jr. joins us.


New Green Mandate Would Increase Electricity Costs

The EPA’s California Dreamin’ would be a nightmare for the country

By Rea S. Hederman Jr. and Wayne Winegarden The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released new emissions rules for coal- and natural gas-fired powerplants. Again. The new rules target greenhouse gases and requires electric utility companies to cut emissions “by 90 percent — or shut down.” The Biden Administration, eager …


Read about latest Sacramento overspending

State Budget Update: Lawmakers Propose ‘Old Fashioned Tax and Spend Budget’

With the turning of the page on the calendar to May comes the anticipated arrival of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “May Revise” budget plan, which should be released around May 10. The May Revise is the governor’s updated budget plan taking into account the state’s latest economic forecasts and cash receipts.  …


U.S. Progressives Would Be Wise to Learn from Europe’s Shift Away from Socialism

The political progressives in the U.S. look to Europe for much if not most of their policy ideas. Be more like the Europeans, they say, adopt their welfare state models and their green energy programs, push the masses into cramped housing and set taxes and regulation so that they consume …


Read about Biden electric vehicle mandates

Biden Administration Takes California’s Electric Vehicle Mandate National

The Biden Administration has announced new automobile emission limits that amount to the government forcing a massive increase in U.S. electric vehicle sales.  By 2032, at least two of every three cars sold would be required to be electric vehicles. As the New York Times reports, “experts say the proposed …


Previewing Gov. Newsom’s Political Roadshow State of the State

The Associated Press reports that “Newsom plans to fulfill his constitutional requirement by sending a letter to the State Legislature” instead of delivering the usual speech at the State Capitol. Part of me felt a little nostalgic by the news.  I’ve had the chance to work on both sides of …


Lack of Transmission Lines Could Slow State’s Renewable Energy Transformation

Connecting wind and solar farms to the grid is going to require a massive construction binge. The ​​California Independent System Operator isn’t saying how many miles of power line will have to be built, but reports the Sacramento Bee, “several agencies project the grid will need to roughly triple its …


Three Market-Based Reforms That Could Win Bipartisan Support in a Divided Washington

While the dust continues to settle from last week’s midterm elections, divided government will continue to reign supreme in Washington when the new Congress convenes in January. As of this writing, Republicans will win an extremely narrow majority in the House of Representatives, while Democrats will claim at least 50 …


Congress Needs to Look Beyond Green Energy

Current U.S. energy policy continues to subsidize uneconomical and inefficient sources of politically preferred energy while punishing the production and generation of reliable and cheap energy sources. As taxpayers, workers, and consumers we are paying a steep price for these irrational policies. Starting with the policies that punish domestic energy …

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