School Choice


Charters Shortchanged Despite State Funding Increases

L.A. Charter Schools Receive Less Funding Than Regular Public Schools

While Governor Gavin Newsom has touted how he has increased state education funding during his tenure, charter schools have seen less funding compared to regular public schools, with the gap widening in places like Los Angeles. A new study by the University of Arkansas analyzes the funding disparity between charter …


Can Taxpayers Afford New Union Giveaways?

The LAUSD Strike and the State Budget Deficit: Train Wreck Ahead

While coverage of the recent strike by Los Angeles teachers and school staff members has focused on the immediate wage demands of the unions and the impact on students and their families, the bigger and looming issue is how California’s growing state budget deficit could impact any collective bargaining agreement. …


Public schools failed during COVID, so give families more choice

Perhaps in no other area did the COVID-19 pandemic have a greater impact than on education. While government spending burgeoned, student achievement plummeted, children’s mental health suffered and schools became more dangerous, which is an outcome that demands a better solution such as giving parents greater educational choice. During the …


How parental choice can help save our urban areas

The following is an address delivered by Lance Izumi at the recent 2023 Pacific Research Institute Sacramento Conference at the Sutter Club. California’s urban areas are in decline, but empirical evidence shows that one possible solution holds out hope for the state’s distressed cities – expanding parental choice in education. …

Classroom Ideology

Lance Izumi – The Great Parent Revolt

Our guest this week is PRI Senior Director of Education Lance Izumi, who along with co-authors Wenyuan Wu and McKenzie Richards, launched PRI’s latest book The Great Parent Revolt: How Parents and Grassroots Leaders Are Fighting Critical Race Theory in America’s Schools.


Newsom vs. Youngkin: Falling test scores and a tale of two governors

By Lance Izumi & Wenyuan Wu Recently released national test scores saw significant declines in math and reading in virtually all states. Yet not all state leaders reacted with similar alarm. So, while both their states experienced low test scores, California Gov. Gavin Newsom shockingly sent out a boastful press …


Three Market-Based Reforms That Could Win Bipartisan Support in a Divided Washington

While the dust continues to settle from last week’s midterm elections, divided government will continue to reign supreme in Washington when the new Congress convenes in January. As of this writing, Republicans will win an extremely narrow majority in the House of Representatives, while Democrats will claim at least 50 …


How Congress Can Improve Education

Whatever the results of the midterm elections, the new Congress will face many old problems, especially in education.  Yet, despite the seemingly intractable nature of these problems, there are important actions that Congress can take to meet the needs and concerns of parents and their children.   Improving student achievement, …


Policy To-Do Lists

Policy to-do Lists for Congress “The new Congress faces unfinished business: they need to expand patient choice and competition in health care, including rolling back the new price controls on drugs that discourage innovation and competition, reverse the pandemic’s effects on student learning, and eliminate expensive and burdensome government energy …


SB 1162 Won’t Fix Pay Gap

It’s summertime, and the living may about to get even easier for plaintiff’s lawyers across California. Senate Bill 1162, which is wending its way through the legislature, would require the state to publish the pay data of workers by race, ethnicity, and gender for companies with 100 or more employees, …

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