Feeble cheer for California’s nurse practitioners

Unsurprisingly, California has historically been among the most restrictive states in the nation when it comes to nurse practitioners’ independence. But starting January 1, 2023, nurse practitioners can finally work toward receiving “full-practice” authorization in California as AB 890 (2020) …

Reclaiming Liberty on Giving Tuesday

Standing together, we are spreading the message of limited government, free enterprise, and personal responsibility far and wide throughout our state and nation. Our supporters powered our successes in 2022— from blocking single-payer health care in California to exposing the …

And So It Came To Bass …

“I ran for mayor to urgently confront the crises our hometown faces,” Bass tweeted. “To the people of Los Angeles, my message is this: We are going to solve homelessness.” Earlier this year Bass said “the bottom line is people …

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Microbusinesses are thriving in California – but for how long?

Microbusinesses are thriving. But for how long? They are the perfect targets to be taxed or regulated to death in California. According to Alexis Podesta, …

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‘Free market’ cities give urban fiefdoms some competition

A tangle of encrusted bureaucracies and counterproductive regulations has made it inordinately difficult for urban residents to live productive and affluent lives. Rent control. Zoning. …

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Declaring a “Right’ to Healthcare Feel-Good Symbolism Only

Will Oregon’s voters declare a “right” to healthcare? Voters nationwide took to the polls this week not just to select a new Congress but to …

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