New PRI Book Explores The Great Parent Revolt Against Classroom Indoctrination

SACRAMENTO – Exploring the instruction of critical race theory in public schools – which has been popularized through controversial curriculum such as the 1619 Project – the nonpartisan Pacific Research Institute today released The Great Parent Revolt, a new book …

Past time to end COVID-19 emergencies

President Biden announced last week that he would wind down the COVID-19 public health and national emergencies on May 11. A day later, the House voted on party lines to end the emergencies immediately. The action is long overdue. It’s …

States are turning to the public healthcare option. They shouldn’t.

One month into the new Congress and it’s already clear that neither party will make much progress advancing their vision for healthcare reform. States are grabbing the baton. Colorado, Nevada, and Washington have all passed laws establishing a public health …

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Juvenile Justice in California – Nowhere to go

On January 4th 2023, Gavin Boston was shot and killed while working as a security guard at the Japan Center Mall in San Francisco’s Japan …

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Bernie Sanders wants universal health care. Canada shows why that’s a bad idea.

Sen. Bernie Sanders would do well to look at what’s happening across our northern border before he tries to advance legislation that would import Canada’s single-payer …

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Grave Mistake to Fix Drug Prices Without Esteem for Their Value

Democrats remain fixated on prescription drug prices. Last August, they managed to include price controls on drugs dispensed through Medicare in the Inflation Reduction Act. …

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Worthy policy goals with such broad impact are not easily attained, and they require sustained effort and struggle. Together with its alliance of dedicated supporters, PRI is committed to leading the way toward a more free and prosperous future for all.

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