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Are Western cities ready for renewable skyscrapers?

Every so often a product comes along that presents itself as a “sustainable” innovation, yet has compelling appeal even if sustainability isn’t someone’s top priority. Of course, sustainability has become something of an overused buzzword, but it generally refers to a production process that doesn’t deplete natural resources or damage the environment. So called “mass timber” is an example of such an innovation. Able to replace reinforced concrete as a building material, it is economically competitive and …


Shocking! Why California Policymakers Are So Often Caught by Surprise

California is always in the national news and too often for not-so-good reasons. A couple of recent events has left much of the rest of the country wondering how this ever-swaggering state is continually caught off guard. There’s really no mystery here. The answer is obvious. When it was announced earlier this month by Gov. Gavin Newsom that California is facing a budget deficit, many wondered: Why didn’t policymakers see that coming? How could they …

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Latest Reasons Why Residents Continue to Flee San Francisco

“Budget shortfalls pose an existential threat” to the “long-term viability” of transit services across the state. “Bay Area operators,” says a group of six state senators and seven assembly members, “face significant annual shortfalls,” leaving agencies such as BART no choice but “to cut multiple lines of service as early as 2025.” And with the city losing residents, as well as slogging its way through the weakest post-pandemic downtown recovery in North America, just who …

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