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‘Housing First’ puts lofty goals about real-world results

Proponents of housing first claim that housing is a basic human right, and a permanent and stable home is the best platform from which to help people overcome the challenges that led to their homelessness, including the problems of mental illness and addiction.   As a result of this premise, the organizations pursuing housing-first strategies try to place a person experiencing homelessness in a home as quickly as possible, without any preconditions such as sobriety …


About Free Cities Center

Cities throughout the West face rising crime, soaring housing costs, a sprawling homelessness crisis and devastated downtown areas following two years of COVID restrictions and the aftermath of destructive protests. Policymakers typically address these and other urban problems in a piecemeal fashion. They fail to understand what makes great cities thrive.


California Think Tank Launches New ‘Free Cities Center’ to Incubate Free Market Ideas to Improve Cities

Pacific Research Institute today launched the “Free Cities Center,” an ambitious initiative cultivating innovative ideas to improve urban life based around freedom and property rights – not government.

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