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Tejon Ranch’s CEQA battle offers warning for new Solano city

To cope with an ongoing and severe housing shortage, California’s Legislature has passed laws that override local zoning laws to make it easier for developers to construct high-density “infill” projects within existing cities. What California’s policymakers have not done, however, is encourage

Scott Beyer – Latin America’s Urban Experience

Our guest this week is Scott Beyer, founder of the Market Urbanist, a website that reports and researches innovative free-market policy solutions to the myriad of problems many cities are facing.  Scott is the author of PRI’s new mini book:
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Latin America’s Experience Shows How Markets Can Help Urban America Overcome Government-Created Problems

SACRAMENTO – Despite its socialist political traditions, Latin America offers some free market lessons for the West Coast’s urban centers on housing, transportation, government services and startup cities, finds a new book released today by the Free Cities Center at

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