Improving cities better than subsidizing weight-loss drugs

Improving cities better than subsidizing weight-loss drugs By Kenneth Schrupp | May 24, 2024 Legislation that would cover weight-loss drugs and surgery to mitigate the state’s ballooning weight crisis fortunately died in the Senate this year, but lawmakers still have ...

Socialism by any name is impeding America’s cities

The number of socialist mayors going back more than three decades is, thankfully, low as a portion of all U.S. mayors. A few stand out: Ron Dellums was Oakland’s mayor from 2007 to 2011; Konstantine Anthony had a short run ...

WATCH: Learn about the intriguing proposed Solano County city

A proposed new city in rural Solano County has generated significant interest and intrigue. Watch as the Free Cities Center’s Steven Greenhut explores the controversial new city effort with reporter Nick McConnell of the Vacaville Reporter and Free Cities Center ...
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New Free Cities Book

Reforms to Increase Affordability, Homebuilding Would Go Far to Alleviate State’s Housing, Homeless Crises

SACRAMENTO – Rolling back policies that have created unaffordable costs of living and made homebuilding prohibitively expensive can alleviate the state’s housing and homeless problems, finds a new book released today by the Free Cities Center at the nonpartisan, free-market ...

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