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Free-Market Solutions to Improving American Health Care

Editor’s note: Today’s blog is part three of a three part series featuring PRI’s CEO & President Sally Pipes’ health care speech delivered at Reason Weekend on March 18th.  As you’ve heard today, there’s no shortage of evidence that neither federal entitlement programs nor government-run healthcare systems can provide patients with truly affordable, high-quality care. What then shall we do? The answers, as they so often do, lay in the free market. By encouraging price …

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Read the latest on Sen Bernie's plan for Medicare for All

May We Never Know Dysfunction, Cruelty of Public Health Care

“The current health care system in the United States is totally broken,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said at a recent event on Capitol Hill. “It is totally dysfunctional, and it is extremely cruel.” His preferred fix remains Medicare for All — a sweeping government takeover of health insurance. His latest attempt to advance this program began earlier this month, when he and 14 co-sponsors in the Senate introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2023. …

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Implementing work requirements should be a legislative priority

Medicaid work requirements aren’t in the debt limit deal. They should’ve been

President Joe Biden signed a measure on Saturday that suspended the country’s debt limit after weeks of wrangling with Republicans in the House. The legislation averts a default on the nation’s debt. Democrats managed to keep Medicaid work requirements out of the final compromise . That’s a shame. The proposal would have helped rein in federal spending while preserving the entitlement for the truly needy. The work requirements would have compelled people between the ages of 19 and 55 to work, perform job training, or …

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