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How GOP Can Keep Its Commitment to Healthcare

There is much to like about the Republican legislative agenda released late last week by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, particularly on health policy. Known as the “Commitment to America,” the plan promises to foster a healthcare system that delivers high-quality personalized care, to invest in breakthrough medicines, and to drive down prices through transparency, competition and choice. Critics of the agenda have condemned it as vague, implying that the GOP lacks concrete reforms that can fulfill its lofty ambitions. Nothing …

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Commitment To America: Just What The Doctor Ordered

With the midterm elections approaching fast, House Republicans just released their “Commitment to America“—a list of policies they’ll pursue if they win a majority.   Even if the GOP comes out on top in November, these policies are likely a few years away from becoming law, since Democrats will retain the White House for at least two more years. But the Commitment is still important, because it illustrates the glaring contrast between the two parties—especially …

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The Inflation Reduction Act Kills the Golden Goose That Could End Cancer

President Joe Biden recently relaunched his Cancer Moonshot initiative. His passion for ending cancer is commendable. Unfortunately, the policies he has enacted will undermine his quest.   The Cancer Moonshot aims to reduce the death rate from cancer by 50 percent over the next 25 years by pouring money into cancer research and improving coordination to speed up research. “We’re going to end cancer as we know it. Mark my words,” he said in a speech this month.   Yet his signature …

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