States are turning to the public healthcare option. They shouldn’t

One month into the new Congress and it’s already clear that neither party will make much progress advancing their vision for healthcare reform. States are grabbing the baton. Colorado, Nevada, and Washington have all passed laws establishing a public health insurance option. Others, such as New Mexico and Minnesota, are considering doing the same. Washington state’s experience should stop them in their tracks — and serve as a cautionary tale to public option advocates in …

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Are Los Angeles’ world-renowned hospitals price transparent?

In 2021, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rolled out new rules requiring every licensed hospital to display costs for services. All hospitals have been required to list prices (whether that’s cash, gross charges, or negotiated) and display estimates in a consumer-friendly manner. Unsurprisingly, many hospitals refused to comply throughout 2022. In response, CMS dramatically raised the fines that uncompliant hospitals would have to pay. Naturally, more hospitals then released price information. …


A Canadian Province Moving Away From Cruelty of Single-Payer

While Democrats in Washington extol the virtues of socialized medicine, Canada’s most populous province is beginning to move away from single-payer health care. Last month, Conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced plans to increase its reliance on private healthcare providers. The move is a necessary response to the ongoing crisis in Canada’s government-run health system. But it’s also a reminder that “Medicare for All” — the government takeover of the U.S. health insurance system that progressives like …

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