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Free-Market Solutions to Improving American Health Care

Editor’s note: Today’s blog is part three of a three part series featuring PRI’s CEO & President Sally Pipes’ health care speech delivered at Reason Weekend on March 18th.  As you’ve heard today, there’s no shortage of evidence that neither federal entitlement programs nor government-run healthcare systems can provide patients with truly affordable, high-quality care. What then shall we do? The answers, as they so often do, lay in the free market. By encouraging price …

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State Public Plans No Blueprint for Affordable Healthcare

A divided Congress has prevented “Medicare for All” from taking off. So progressive activists have turned their attention to the states. Several have launched “public options,” health plans chartered by the state to compete against private insurers. The results have not been impressive. People are not opting for public option plans, so state governments are beginning to rig insurance markets in their favor. Such intervention reveals that state officials intend for their public options to …


Bill Smith – Rationing Medicine

Bill Smith of the Pioneer Institute in Massachusetts joins Wayne and Tim to discuss his important new book “Rationing Medicine”, which focuses on an obscure economic concept called QALYs – or quality adjusted life years. 

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