Lee Ohanian – Why Californians Are Fleeing the State

Our guest this week is Hoover Institution senior fellow and UCLA professor Dr. Lee Ohanian.


California's Outmigration Problem is Growing Worse

More Are Fleeing California Due to Progressive Policies

In 2018-19, California lost not quite $10 billion in gross adjusted income to other states, a bit less than New York. The following year, New York still had the largest loss of adjusted gross income, nearly $20 billion, with California close behind. By 2020-21, California had taken the “lead,” tripling …


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Watch: How Do We Stop California’s Outmigration Problem with Dr. Lee Ohanian

Watch Hoover Institution senior fellow and UCLA professor Dr. Lee Ohanian discuss California’s growing outmigration problem with Dr. Wayne Winegarden, PRI senior fellow in business and economics. They discuss cost of living problems worsened by poor state public policies that are increasing housing costs across the state and worsening quality …


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Population trends prove people prefer pro-growth cities

The movement away from large cities is not universal, however. People may be leaving Los Angeles, but they are moving to Fort Worth, Atlanta and Las Vegas. Figure 1 presents the diverse five-year percentage change in population for the 50 largest cities in the United States. The vast differences in …


The Ugly Californian

There’s no shortage of stories. A woman and her boyfriend who moved from California to Montana in 2020 “changed their licenses right away.” In “​​the most competitive race in recent memory” for the mayor’s office in Boise, Idaho, one candidate “ran on a very simple platform,” the Los Angeles Times …


Latest Data Shows ‘California Premium’ Chasing More People Out of State

Using U.S. Census Bureau data, the Los Angeles Times reported last week that net migration from April 2020 to July 2022 was a 699,904-person loss for California as that many more moved out than moved in. That’s a loss greater than the population of the entire state of Vermont. (CalMatters …


Latest Reasons Why Residents Continue to Flee San Francisco

“Budget shortfalls pose an existential threat” to the “long-term viability” of transit services across the state. “Bay Area operators,” says a group of six state senators and seven assembly members, “face significant annual shortfalls,” leaving agencies such as BART no choice but “to cut multiple lines of service as early …


Housing, Crime, Regulation Are Pushing Californians to Texas and Florida

The number of ex-Californians keeps growing. The state lost 343,230 residents in 2021-22, says the Census Bureau. How could this happen? Isn’t California, as “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” insists, “the place you ought to be”? Apparently a growing number of people no longer feel that way. It’s not on …


Rush to get out of California is accelerating

California hasn’t changed much in quite a few years. Voters put the dominant party back in power in November’s elections while businesses continue to flee the state. What’s different, though, is the pace of the commercial outflow has picked up. Departures have been ongoing for more than a decade. Businesses …


Git along little dogies

The flight from California is not limited to only those who walk upright. Four-legged residents are leaving as well, voting with cloven hooves in protest of public policies that have hurt the beef and dairy industries.   Of course the fleeing cattle aren’t choosing to leave on their own. Those …

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