Single-Payer in California: Slowly, Slowly, Catchy Monkey

For now, California’s progressive politicians have judged single-payer as a bridge too far.  But that doesn’t mean they’ve given up trying to take over health care. As my Canadian mother used to say, “slowly, slowly, catchy monkey” – or be patient. On March 14, Assembly lawmakers released a report by …


“Middle Class Tax Justice” is an 18.84% Corporate Tax Hike?

Thanks to Trump’s corporate tax cut, companies have become, well, more enterprising. Where a 31 percent federal tax rate ruled out many new ventures, a 21 percent tax rate makes them far more viable.  So, it’s no surprise that state officials have been working overtime to attract new businesses to …


They’re Baaack! Higher Corporate Tax Rates on California Companies?

Just when hundreds of thousands of Californians have begun to enjoy their bonuses and raises thanks to the new tax law, the progressives in Sacramento are working on ways to crush workers’ newfound prosperity.  Just last week, Democratic Assemblymen Kevin McCarty of Sacramento and Phil Ting of San Francisco introduced …


Another #1 Ranking California Should Not Celebrate

It’s one thing to be considered a Judicial Hellhole. It’s another thing altogether to hold that distinction year after year . . . after year. But, just as it is with so many state rankings, California isn’t a newcomer at the wrong end of a list. It’s a perennial resident …

Business & Economics

California’s High-Tax, Big-Government Comedown

Anyone who has ever watched Animal Planet should be familiar with migrations. Geese do it, wildebeests and whales do it, turtles do it and, yes, people do it too. To migrate is a natural phenomenon. What’s interesting about most migrations is their purposes are generally positive: sex, food, sun and …


Energy Pathways? Let’s Take A Closer Look

Not surprisingly, the study asserts that continuing on a “business-as-usual” energy path risks greater economic insecurity, while aggressive acceleration of clean energy assures faster and more sustained economic growth. Relying on renewable sources for 50 percent of California’s electric power, combined with increasing energy efficiency by 1.5 percent a year, …

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