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California Emphasizes The ‘DIE’ In Diesel

The state Air Resources Board has approved new rules that says, “all Class I line haul locomotives” that have “an original engine build date of 2035 and beyond” can operate in California only if they have “a zero-emissions configuration.” That’s also the last year that new diesel big rigs can …


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Coercion-free planning can lead to glorious results

Central planning, no matter if the target is an economy or a community, has generally had historically disastrous results. When the government plots and schemes the future, people are ultimately doomed to lower living standards at best, and misery, all too often. Yet central planning can work – but only …


California's Outmigration Problem is Growing Worse

More Are Fleeing California Due to Progressive Policies

In 2018-19, California lost not quite $10 billion in gross adjusted income to other states, a bit less than New York. The following year, New York still had the largest loss of adjusted gross income, nearly $20 billion, with California close behind. By 2020-21, California had taken the “lead,” tripling …


Energy Reality Coming at California Fast

“Life comes at you fast,” said the insurance company ad campaign earlier this century. In California, energy reality is coming fast and it doesn’t inspire confidence in the future. With a few exceptions, official Sacramento, its groupthink mélange of elected officials and unelected bureaucrats who wield great political power, have …


CAPITAL IDEAS: California Diesel Ban: Another Uneconomical Mandate

The California ban-it-all machine, ever in perpetual motion, is abolishing diesel big rigs. On the last Friday in April, the state Air Resources Board voted unanimously to outlaw sales of new diesel trucks by 2036. CARB’s decision also requires large trucking companies to fully transition their fleets to all zero …


CA banking on offshore wind for energy goals

Gavin Newsom’s Carbon-Neutral Grid Plan Looks To Be Going The Way Of The Bullet Train To Nowhere

California’s planned transition to a carbon-neutral electricity grid by 2045 relies heavily on offshore wind power. It might take a miracle to get there. The growth of offshore wind will have to accelerate faster than a Tesla Model S, which goes from zero to 60 in less than two seconds. …


How Are We Going to Build New Transmission Lines for Renewable Energy Transition?

The ​​California Independent System Operator recently released its 2022-23 transmission plan, in which it outlines “new transmission infrastructure needed to reliably and efficiently meet California’s clean-energy objectives over the next decade.” It “identifies additional transmission and resource capacity” and “recommends 46 transmission projects costing an estimated $9.3 billion.” “But getting …


Latest Anti-Nuclear Lawsuit Threatens Progress on California’s Clean Energy Goals

An agreement to pull the plug on the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant in San Luis Obispo County was settled in 2016. But plans to close it in 2025 were delayed last year when California was hit in the mouth with an extreme heat wave that threatened the power grid. The …


U.S. Progressives Would Be Wise to Learn from Europe’s Shift Away from Socialism

The political progressives in the U.S. look to Europe for much if not most of their policy ideas. Be more like the Europeans, they say, adopt their welfare state models and their green energy programs, push the masses into cramped housing and set taxes and regulation so that they consume …

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Why Julie Su would be a bad choice for U.S. Labor secretary

No Friend of Workers

Julie Su might not be the worst pick for U.S. Labor secretary in the 110-year history of the job, but many Californians might say as much if they had a chance to testify at her Senate confirmation hearing this week. Su, who for more than two years served as secretary …

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