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PRI’s work encompasses countless studies, commentary, books, podcasts, blog posts, and events surrounding our mission to promote the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Our areas of research include health care, education, environment, innovation, California reform, and business economics. Explore our topics below.

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Health Care

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Read latest about push for single-payer

Doctors lobbying for Medicare for All should be careful what they wish for

Single-payer health care is what it sounds like — an insurance program where the government is the only insurer. Private insurance would be banned. And the government would pay health-care providers whatever it deemed appropriate and affordable. Read the full article at the New York
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Higher minimum wages hurt workers

If only someone had warned lawmakers

Starting on April 1, fast food restaurant chains that have at least 60 locations across the country must pay their workers a minimum of $20 an hour to comply with the minimum wage increase legislation passed and signed last year. But that’s not the end
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California Reform

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Wayne Winegarden featured in Cap Public Radio story on Newsom homeless funds

Sacramento region eyes new round of homeless encampment funds by Chris Nichols Sacramento officials say they’ll consider applying for some of the $300 million in homeless encampment funds made available this week by Governor Gavin Newsom. But the program by itself won’t pay cities and
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Lance Izumi Discusses Charter Schools on Lars Larson Show

Listen to Lance Izumi, senior director of PRI’s Center for Education, make the case for why government-run public schools should learn something from America’s charter schools on the nationally-syndicated Lars Larson Show. TheLarsLarsonShow · Lance Izumi Should Government Run Public Schools Learn Something From America's
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Read about new government bureaucracy

Will New LA Government Agency Reduce ‘Food Inequality’?

This new bureau “will expand on the efforts of the Food Equity Roundtable,” a public-private partnership established in 2021 “to ensure just and equitable access to nutritious food in L.A. County.” “By creating the first-ever L.A. County Office of Food Equity, we can build on

Business & Economics

Higher minimum wages hurt workers

If only someone had warned lawmakers

Read the latest about green investment mandates

Is CalPERS Still A Responsible Fiduciary?

Read about cost of latest state health care mandate

Sally Pipes Quoted in Center Square Article on $25 Health Care Minimum Wage

Get latest state budget update

State Budget Update: Bigger State Budget Deficit on the Horizon?
John Lowry – Negotiation Made Simple
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