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PRI’s work encompasses countless studies, commentary, books, podcasts, blog posts, and events surrounding our mission to promote the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility. Our areas of research include health care, education, environment, innovation, California reform, and business economics. Explore our topics below.

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Health Care

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Read the latest on Sen Bernie's plan for Medicare for All

May We Never Know Dysfunction, Cruelty of Public Health Care

“The current health care system in the United States is totally broken,” Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said at a recent event on Capitol Hill. “It is totally dysfunctional, and it is extremely cruel.” His preferred fix remains Medicare for All — a sweeping government takeover …

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Erik Jaffe – 2023 Supreme Court Preview

Erik Jaffe, PRI adjunct fellow in legal studies and one of America’s top constitutional lawyers, joins us for his annual preview of the hot Supreme Court cases that will be handed down before the end of the term.  They discuss cases involving private property rights, …

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California Reform

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Juvenile Justice – A Crisis in the Making

On July 1,  California will close its three remaining juvenile justice facilities.  Located in Stockton and Ventura, the three facilities house just 300 juvenile offenders – down from a system high of 8000 ten years ago.   Once closed, the 300 inmates will be returned to …

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Charters Shortchanged Despite State Funding Increases

L.A. Charter Schools Receive Less Funding Than Regular Public Schools

While Governor Gavin Newsom has touted how he has increased state education funding during his tenure, charter schools have seen less funding compared to regular public schools, with the gap widening in places like Los Angeles. A new study by the University of Arkansas analyzes …

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Natural Gas Ban And A Flameout Of Five-Star Dining In California?

When California cities began banning natural gas connections, restaurateurs and chefs kicked up a fuss. How could they be expected to create their culinary gems using inferior electric stoves? “To say that an electric stove is as good as a gas one is misunderstanding the …

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