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Health Care

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Read Biden's latest defense of price controls on insulin

In Debate Biden Lost on Substance, Style, and More

President Joe Biden’s clumsy, halting performance at the first presidential debate was nothing short of disastrous. But the substance of his remarks, especially on healthcare, is just as worrying. Take his defense of the Inflation Reduction Act’s price controls on insulin for Medicare Part D enrollees. As ...
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Read the latest on Gov. Newsom's national ambitions

President Newsom, For The Power And The Glory

Biden’s troubling performance in the June 27 CNN debate fueled the ongoing discussions of who could and should replace him as the Democratic candidate. Of course every list included Newsom, who was a Biden surrogate at the debate and obviously has his eye on the ...
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California Reform

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Get the scoop on the latest CA crime data

What the New California Crime Stats Show

Among the key findings: Violent Crime: Violent crime increased by 3.3% compared to 2022 levels. Property Crime: Property crime decreased by 1.3%, but thefts and property crimes have actually increased according to victimization surveys and industry reports. Underreported Crime: 28 law enforcement agencies did not ...
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New PRI Book Explores The Great Classroom Collapse Leaving Students Unprepared for College and the Workforce

SACRAMENTO – With student test scores showing that the academic performance of America’s school children in the basic subjects are at record lows, the nonpartisan Pacific Research Institute today released The Great Classroom Collapse – a new book investigating the implosion of rigor and learning ...
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Read about Sacramento's latest push to ban plastic bags

Latest Effort to Ban Plastic Bags Also Doomed to Fail

California’s long statewide nightmare might soon be over. The current generation of plastic bags are in line to be banned just as their predecessors were. Ten years after Sacramento outlawed single-use plastic bags (with the help of a majority of voters two years later in ...

Business & Economics

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