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New PRI Poll: As New School Year Begins, Voters See Room for Improvement with Local Schools

SACRAMENTO – As students head back to school, a new national survey commissioned by the California-based, nonpartisan, free-market think tank, the Pacific Research Institute finds that voters are more dissatisfied with their local school boards than their neighborhood schools, and see room for improvement in public education. When asked how they rated their local public schools, 45 percent rated them as being excellent or good, compared to 47 percent who rated them as being fair, ...
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Why High School Graduates Turn Out to Be College Illiterates

Education Week recently pointed out that high school graduates’ “college readiness has reached historic lows, according to several metrics—including the lowest scores in 30 years on the ACT and declining scores on the SAT, the two primary standardized tests used for college admissions.” The ACT measures college readiness in English composition, social sciences, algebra, and biology.  Janet Godwin, the head of the ACT, told Education Week: “Fewer students leaving high school are meeting all four ...
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Read the latest on equity grading in public schools

Equity grading is just grade inflation dressed in woke clothing

As standardized student test scores plunge, some school districts are responding by masking student knowledge deficiencies through equity grading, which is little more than grade inflation dressed up in woke clothing. There is little doubt that student learning across the country is at a dire level. On the 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress, 69% of students taking the eighth grade reading test failed to achieve at the proficient level, while 73% of eighth graders failed to ...


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Read the latest on equity grading in public schools

Equity grading is just grade inflation dressed in woke clothing

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New Poll Shows Voters See Room for Improvement in School Boards
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