Policy to-do Lists
for Congress

“The new Congress faces unfinished business: they need to expand patient choice and competition in health care, including rolling back the new price controls on drugs that discourage innovation and competition, reverse the pandemic’s effects on student learning, and eliminate expensive and burdensome government energy mandates,” said PRI President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy, Sally C. Pipes. “PRI’s policy experts have put together a robust to-do list of market-based policy solutions that will result in better schools, more affordable health care and more reliable energy supply – common-sense ideas that have the potential to be embraced by Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Building upon PRI’s more than four decades of free-market research and analysis on health care, education, environmental, and economic policy, the “Congress To-Do Lists” offer actionable reforms that the new Congress can embrace upon taking office in January to address the nation’s most urgent problems on health care, education, and energy.

Click on the squares below to download the PDFs.

California also faces many challenges on issues ranging from homelessness to infrastructure. Click on the box below to learn about policy reform ideas in 11 key issues areas from PRI’s recent book Saving California. Like the Congress To-Do Lists above, these are actionable proposals that have the potential for bipartisan support and should be at the top of the agenda in Sacramento.

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