Green Subsidies


The Prohibitions Will Continue … Until There’s Nothing Left To Ban

In both cases, the unelected members of the California Air Resources Board are making decisions that kill consumer choice.   CARB’s unanimous Sept. 22 vote phases out sales of natural gas and water heaters by 2030, pending a final board approval in 2025 of the rules that are to be …


On Health Care, Energy, and Education, A To-Do List for the New Congress

Recent public opinion surveys highlight the policy priorities that voters have for the next Congress:   90 percent of those surveyed in a July Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll said health care costs, including prescription drug costs, were very or somewhat important issue upon which they would decide their …


Tax The Rich To Pay For The EV Scam

On the ballot this fall is a measure that, if passed, would hike taxes on California’s richest residents to fund electric vehicle and charging station subsidies. Gov. Gavin Newsom doesn’t like it, calling it “​​one company’s cynical scheme to grab a huge taxpayer subsidy.” He’s referring to Lyft, the top …


November Ballot Measures – Coming Soon to a TV or Mailbox Near You

Just when you thought the election was over and you were safe from the barrage of dueling campaign ads, think again.  Secretary of State Shirley Weber has just announced the statewide ballot measures that we’ll be deciding in the November election. This year’s ballot measures cover a host of hot …


On EV Tax Credits, Who Will Democrats Side With? Unions or Environmentalists?

By Wayne Winegarden and Tim Anaya The last time we checked in on the debate over expanding federal electric car subsidies this summer, Sen. Deb Fischer (R-Nebraska) – citing PRI’s research showing they overwhelmingly benefit the rich – led the U.S. Senate in a bipartisan vote to ensure future credits …


California’s costly green subsidies

If there was any doubt about the economic success of state-mandated green programs, it was erased this week after a state Senate hearing about the future of alternate fuels. By the end of the four-hour session, it was clear that environmental special interests are thriving in California. At the hearing, …

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