Newsom-Bonta lawsuit against oil industry good PR strategy, bad for fighting climate change


California lawmakers are fond of hyping themselves as the world leaders in energy policy. But that’s not enough for Sacramento. The ruling class wants the courts to make energy policy to fill in the holes the legislators haven’t yet been able to cover.

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Attorney General Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit in San Francisco County Superior Court, suing a number of oil companies as well as the American Petroleum Institute for “creating, contributing to, and/or assisting in the creation of state-wide climate change-related harms in California.”

The lawsuit further alleges the “defendants created, contributed to, and/or assisted in the creation of a public nuisance, and harmed or destroyed natural resources,” and have “misled consumers and the public about climate change for decades.”

Read the full article at the Orange County Register

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