Read this recent healthcare op-ed on irresponsible Colorado legislation

Banning Healthcare Facility Fees Is Bad News For Colorado

Colorado lawmakers are considering HB 23-1215, a measure that would ban certain types of “facility fees.” These are charges patients receive from a hospital or clinic in addition to their share of the cost of a procedure, sometimes without advance notice. Nobody likes being surprised by a medical bill. But scrapping …


Canadian Court Bolsters Socialized Medicine, U.S. Should Worry

Private health insurance will remain off-limits for most Canadians, especially those in British Columbia. The Supreme Court of Canada just refused to hear an appeal challenging British Columbia’s ban on private coverage. It marks the end of a battle that Vancouver orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brian Day, founder of the successful private Cambie …

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Why Julie Su would be a bad choice for U.S. Labor secretary

No Friend of Workers

Julie Su might not be the worst pick for U.S. Labor secretary in the 110-year history of the job, but many Californians might say as much if they had a chance to testify at her Senate confirmation hearing this week. Su, who for more than two years served as secretary …


California single-payer bill is incremental step to disaster

The California Senate will hold a hearing today on a bill that would lay the groundwork for a government takeover of the state’s health care system. Legislators have been trying to install single-payer health care for years. But this new effort has a better chance of advancing than its legislative …


Obama’s Exchange Scam Doesn’t Grant Healthcare Access

The Biden administration has devoted billions of taxpayer dollars to boosting enrollment on Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges — mostly by paying people to sign up, in the form of enhanced premium subsidies. So it’s no surprise that the 2023 open enrollment period broke records, with 16 million Americans securing coverage through …


CA wants to assess residential utility bills by household income.

From Each According to His Means

Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and San Diego Gas & Electric have asked the California Public Utilities Commission for approval to charge customers a flat rate based on household income. The flat fees would be in addition to charges based on consumption, which, for San Diego Gas & …


Price controls in Medicare will kill new cures

President Biden just released his budget plan for the next fiscal year. It purports to extend Medicare’s solvency by decades and reassure the millions of Americans who rely on the program. But once they realize his approach will grind drug research to a halt, perhaps they’ll come to a different conclusion. The …


The Federal Gov Is $31 Trillion In Debt

Sorry, taxpayers can’t afford unlimited Obamacare subsidies

Congress returns from a spring recess on Monday. In early March, President Joe Biden released his $6.8 trillion spending plan for fiscal 2024, complete with a proposal to permanently extend the generous healthcare insurance subsidies enacted as part of the American Rescue Plan Act passed in March 2021. Many Republicans are insisting on spending cuts, …


State energy mandates impose a more than $2,000 burden on every Californian

Lessons From California: Electric Vehicle Mandate Is Costly, Unrealistic

New automobile emission limits announced by the Biden Administration will force a massive increase in U.S. electric vehicle (EV) sales that, by 2032, will require at least two out of every three cars sold in the U.S. to be electric vehicles. This mandate is another instance of the Biden Administration …

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New court ruling brings hope for gig workers stymied by AB5

California Assembly Bill 5, which should have been officially named state government’s War on Independent Contractors, recently took a well-deserved, though not full, thrashing in court. It’s a favorable ruling for workers who prefer independence over the structure of hired employment.  Passed and signed in 2019, AB5 virtually outlawed gig …

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