Watch Videos from PRI's 2024
California Ideas in Action Conference

The theme of the 2024 PRI California Ideas in Action Conference is the “5 Issues for 2024”. Recent surveys show the economy, homelessness and housing, crime, energy regulation, and debt are top issues for voters in advance of the 2024 elections. PRI scholars, elected officials, media voices, and real life change makers will show how market-based ideas offer actionable solutions to these key problems for California and the nation, and provide a realistic path forward compared to the failed status quo.
Keynote Speech – Steve Hilton

Steve Hilton, Founder and CEO of Golden Together and Fox News Contributor, shares his thoughts on how we can make progress in achieving conservative and free market public policy victories in his keynote speech.

Presentation – How Key Bills and Budget Items Impact Outmigration, Unemployment, Tax Revenue, State Spending

Dr. Wayne Winegarden gives a preview of an exciting new initiative being launched by PRI that will provide useful insight to how key legislation and budget items will impact state spending, the economy, unemployment, tax revenue, and outmigration.

Panel Discussion – What Can Be Done to Actually Reduce Homelessness in California?

This panel features elected officials, non-profit leaders, and policy experts on innovative new ideas that are making a difference in reducing homelessness. Hear their stories that offer a true path forward to get people off the streets and on path to turning their lives around, and at a much lower cost than government.

Panel Discussion – Reforming Criminal Justice Policy to Put Victims First

Hear a firsthand account from law enforcement leaders, policymakers, and grassroots advocates about misguided laws that are putting Californians at risk and what can realistically be done to make the pursuit of justice the guiding philosophy in California again.

Panel Discussion – How Lowered Academic Standards Hurt California’s Students, Economy

This panel discusses the implosion of academic rigor in California’s schools and how that affects California’s students, particularly those most vulnerable, and impacts the state’s economic competitiveness. Learn about reforms to ensure students can graduate and are prepared to enter the workforce.

Closing Remarks – Todd Myers 

Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center discusses his new book on how conservatives can re-engage in the debate over climate change and ineffective government green mandates, “Time to Think Small.”

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