A peek at recent health and fitness books, magazines and Web sites

Anyone who suffers from pain or treats people in pain can benefit from reading A Day Without Pain (Central Recovery Press, $14.95), written by Dr. Mel Pohl, vice president of medical affairs and medical director of Las Vegas Recovery Center. He was instrumental in developing the center’s Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program. The book reviews some of the physical and psychological problems associated with pain, as well as ways to assess pain. It examines methods, without the use of narcotic/opiate/painkillers, used to treat pain in a comprehensive, holistic manner so that health and function are restored.

An innovative Web site emphasizing smoking prevention for young girls has been launched through Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth and Dartmouth Medical School. The safe education site, www.nosmokingroom.org, was created by a Dartmouth pediatrician to prevent smoking in 8- to 11-year-old girls. Funded by Pfizer, it’s designed to empower girls to say “no” or encourage them to quit through features, including “the girlz lounge,” where users can send electronic cards and build their own “girlz nite-in” room, do quizzes and “ask the expert” questions.

A government-run health-care system would be an enormous mistake for America, writes author Sally C. Pipes in The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care: A Citizen’s Guide (Pacific Research Institute, $24.95). She’s president and CEO of conservative think tank the Pacific Research Institute who writes, speaks and debates about key health-care issues in America. Pipes believes a government-run system is an empty promise built upon the foundation of the 10 myths she describes. Among them are that government health care is more efficient, government prevention programs reduce health-care costs and we’re spending too much on health care. Agree with her or not, it’s a provocative book that will raise eyebrows.

If you have high blood pressure, try adding cranberries, fat-free milk, red yeast rice extract supplement and plant sterols to your diet. This is just part of the advice in December’s issue of Natural Solutions. Simple diet tweaks and supplements can help you stave off or treat seven common conditions from digestive problems and diabetes to dementia and menopause. For digestive issues? Try almonds, raw veggies and licorice root.

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