Americans Like Obamacare About as Much as Hillarycare

The number of respondents whose “impression” of President Obama is not only unfavorable but strongly so has tripled since January 16 (from 9 to 27 percent).

By a margin of almost two-to-one (37 percent to 19 percent), respondents think that the quality of their health care would get worse, rather than better, under Obamacare, and this gap has widened by 4 percent since August. The poll also shows responses to an essentially identical question about President Clinton’s health-care agenda shortly before its defeat in 1994. At that time, people expected the quality of their health care to get worse by 38 to 20 percent — nearly identical numbers to today.

Furthermore, by a three-to-one margin, respondents with health insurance expect it to get worse, rather than better, under Obamacare (39 to 13 percent). By a margin of 52 to 11 percent, they expect their health-care costs to increase. And by a margin of 56 to 20 percent, they expect the overall costs of health care nationwide to increase.

With overwhelming expectations of lower-quality care, worse health insurance, and higher health costs, the news isn’t good for those who want to give the federal government dramatically more power and control over our health-care system.

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