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Bernie And The Single-Payer Beast


Earlier this month, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., reintroduced his signature Medicare for All legislation alongside 14 of his Democratic colleagues at a Senate Budget Committee hearing.

With a little perseverance and a touch of political magic, Sanders is hoping his government-run healthcare fairytale, which he has championed for years during his time in the House and Senate, will finally become reality.

For patients, that’d be anything but a happy ending. Medicare for All would subject Americans to long waits for subpar care.

To see how, look to the inspiration for Sen. Sanders’s single-payer vision—Canada. North of the border, health care is largely free at the point of service. That keeps demand for treatment high.

But with a limited supply of physicians—Canada has fewer than three per 1,000 people, one of the lowest ratios among developed countries—the country’s single-payer system is unable to meet people’s needs.

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