Biden, Sanders Took on ‘Big Pharma’ and Patients Lost

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Speaking at a White House event with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., very recently, President Biden crowed about his rapidly progressing scheme to impose price controls on prescription drugs. “Finally — finally we beat Big Pharma,” he said to Sanders.

Unfortunately for Americans — and indeed, patients everywhere — the Democrats’ assault on the drug industry will result in fewer cures, less access to state-of-the-art medicines, and more avoidable death and suffering.

Democrats gave the federal government the ability to dictate the prices of prescription drugs through Medicare as part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act:

  • Price controls on the first ten drugs will take effect at the beginning of 2026.
  • The following year, 15 more will be ensnared by price controls.
  • In 2028, the government will come for 15 more.
  • And in 2029 and thereafter, 20 drugs per year will be subject to price controls.

Click to read the full article in Newsmax.

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