San Francisco— President Obama’s national healthcare mandate will undoubtedly lead to the largest expansion of government in the history of the United States and will cost taxpayers at least $1 trillion over ten years. And that’s just the beginning, says Sally Pipes, author of The Truth About Obamacare. As candidates across the country debate and defend their stance on healthcare, Ms. Pipes dissects the 2,400-page bill, exposing the most wasteful, inefficient, and dangerous provisions that will irrevocably hurt our healthcare system and our economy.

“Barack Obama promised Americans a minor miracle on the campaign trail: a health care plan that covered every single individual, lowered costs for everyone, and improved our quality of care,“ says Ms. Pipes. “But it’s impossible. The bill passed in March won’t just be expensive, it will even leave 23 million people uninsured as the cost of health care in America skyrockets.“

By carefully analyzing the most insidious piece of legislation ever passed, Ms. Pipes lays bare every anti-freedom, anti-business detail the Obama administration doesn’t want you to see. As president of the Pacific Research Institute and a native of Canada, Ms. Pipes knows exactly how this socialized form of health care will negatively affect our society—because it already has in Canada.

While a majority of Americans are outraged over the law, most people do not have the specific ammunition they need to lead the fight for repeal. The Truth About Obamacare provides a close look at the dangerous course President Obama has set for the country, illustrating beyond a doubt the potential for financial ruin and decreased quality of life.

Here’s what bill-supporters in Congress don’t want you to know about Obamacare:

  • The oft-cited “46 million uninsured” people is a gross exaggeration—the actual number is closer to 10 million
  • Obamacare = taxes. It will cost $2.5 trillion between 2014 and 2024, and to pay for it, we’ll get the biggest tax increase in the nation’s history: $569 billion over the next decade
  • Obamacare = red tape. It creates 159 new offices, agencies, and commissions, and requires 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce the insurance mandates
  • Obamacare = uninsured seniors. Traditional Medicare will be slashed and as a result, seniors will have a hard time finding doctors and care will be denied. Medicare Advantage, the popular program for 11 million seniors will be cut back significantly.
  • Obamacare = lower quality of care. It will add 18 million to Medicaid, inflating the total number on Medicaid to 84 million, a 37% expansion

Exposing the lies and rhetoric that have dominated the discussion about healthcare, Ms. Pipes offers the cold, hard facts—and 10 specific ideas for real healthcare reform that won’t usurp our individual rights and empty our pockets.

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