California Recovery Project

In early February, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Art Laffer at PRI’s Ronald Reagan Centennial Tribute in Orange County. At this event, we were pleased to announce that Dr. Laffer had agreed to work with us on a new California Recovery Project, an initiative that will take direct aim at the problems that undergird California’s ailing economy—and provide, in Dr. Laffer’s own words, “a way out of this mess.” Especially considering the state’s status as a bellwether for the rest of the nation, we cannot allow this downward spiral to continue unchecked.

The California Recovery Project will include an easy-to-read book written by Dr. Art Laffer that begins by providing a short historical review of California, focusing on specific topics such as Propositions 13, 98, and 111 and the legacies of Rose Bird and Jerry Brown. But, the main focus of the book and project will be the engagement of experts on key topics (entrepreneurs, business leaders, lawyers, politicians, municipal bond experts, state/federal experts, water experts etc.) to come up with a true economic road map for the rehabilitation of California in 2011 and beyond. This is not a descriptive catalog of California’s woes, it is a prescriptive project, with the end result being an awareness campaign aimed at lawmakers—both in California and nationally—and the popular national and local media. Our goal for the project is to help restore prosperity to the Golden State by enacting sound economic policies that will spur job creation and grow the state’s economy.


For further information, please contact:

John Campbell | Email
Director, Foundations and Major Gifts

Brian Calle | Email
Senior Fellow

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