California Schools: America’s Future

Note: PRI’s Director of Education Studies, Lance T. Izumi, is featured as a panel participant in this documentary chronicling the decline of California’s education system which is currently being shown on public television stations in Callifornia.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is scrambling to avoid $4.8 billion in potential cuts to public school funding. His controversial plans—more borrowing, an expanded lottery, and a possible tax hike—hinge on lawmakers’ approval. It’s a sharp comedown from 2007, when the Governor announced his intention to make 2008 “the year of education in California.”

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time California’s public schools have been on the brink. California Schools: America’s Future traces the roots of the current crisis, providing viewers with the context to inform their positions today.

This new program updates our 2004 documentary, First to Worst, about the history of California public schools. Four years later, is it possible that the largest school system in the country—educating one of every eight schoolchildren—is worse off than ever?

John Merrow interviews a panel of experts about the current state of education in California. The panel participants are: Lance Izumi, Senior Director of Education Studies at the Pacific Research Institute; Deidre Alpert, California State Senator 1996-2004; Randy Ward, Superintendent of San Diego County Schools; and John Mockler, Former Executive Director California State Board of Education.

California Schools: America’s Future is an important tool for viewers: a program that not only informs but also points the way toward solutions. Produced and edited by John D. Tulenko.

The program aired on PBS television stations in California.

KVCR – June 9, 2008
KLCS – June 10, 2008
KPBS – June 15, 2008
KVPT – June 19, 2008
KVIE – June 20 & 23, 2008
KCSM – June 24, 2008
KTEH – June 26, 2008
KOCE – June 26, 2008
KRCB – June 27, 2008
KQED – June 29, 2008
KCET – June 29, 2008
KEET – July 2, 2008
KIXE – July 5, 2008
KCET – July 8, 2008

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