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Canada Still Working Towards Universal Health Care

Or, it would be if government planners could bring about such outcomes. In fact, five million Canadians have no access to a primary care physician. (That’s about 15 percent of the population.) Remarkably, the Canadian people’s response to this astounding government failure is to support government-run health care by a ratio of nine to one.

The real question here is how any politician (Paul Ryan, Rick Perry, Rick Scott) could resist promising “universal” health care – the resulting dependency is embraced by the people it victimizes, and vastly increases politicians’ power.

The Liberal Party of Canada, which introduced “universal” health care, has learned its lesson well. Its big campaign promise for next week’s election? A National Food Policy! Canadians have done without one for centuries. I wonder how long it will take for five million Canadians to go hungry, after the Liberals impose their National Food Policy?

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