Canadian Leaders Finally Waking Up To The Horrors Of Single-Payer Health Care

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In my last column, I wrote that Canada’s healthcare system was no model for the United States. Perhaps Canadian officials were listening.

Earlier this month, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that Canada’s largest province would take a page from the U.S. playbook—and expand private care in order to provide some relief to the millions of Canadians waiting for treatment.

Ford recounted that a CEO had told him, “There’s only two places in the world that have the health care that we have . . . Cuba and North Korea.”

“We need to improve,” Ford said. “So we’re making the changes with the support of the CEOs and with the associations.” Ford’s push to expand private care is a necessary step out of the socialist wilderness. More importantly, it signals a shift in the popular consciousness. How can progressive Americans advocate for Medicare for All with a straight face when their beau idéal, Canada, is going in the opposite direction?

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