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What Is the Value of the Interchangeability Designation for a Biosimilar?

By Wayne Winegarden, Robert Popovian & Peter Pitts Biosimilars, to date, have achieved the promise of reducing prices and drug spending in the United States. The unquestioned safety and efficacy of biosimilars have given providers, patients, and employers, amongst many others, the confidence that savings will be even more robust as we …


Health Care Priorities for Next Congress

Election day approaches quickly. But no matter who wins come November, Americans must urge Congress to prioritize health care policy. Health care costs are consistently rising which endangers lives because costs can constrain patients from receiving needed care. Pandemic exigencies further highlighted shortcomings in our health care system. Before pandemic …


Inflation Reduction Act is bad news for patients

Democrats are riding high on the public support they’ve garnered for passing legislation giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower prices from drug makers. A Politico-Morning Consult Poll found that 76% of Americans support price caps on drugs, while only 13% do not. In other words, Democrats have effectively …

Drug Prices

Sally Pipes Discusses Prescription Drugs and Inflation Reduction Act on Eric Bolling: The Balance

Watch PRI President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy discuss prescription drug costs and the so-called Inflation Reduction Act on “Eric Bolling: The Balance” on Newsmax TV. 


Government Drug Price Negotiations Offer A False Promise

With inflation rising and midterm elections just months away, Democrats are desperate for something they can pitch to voters as a reason to keep them in control of Congress. They’re hoping a watered-down version of their Build Back Better Act could do the trick. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., who helped shoot the bill …

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Rounding Up The Usual Suspects Won’t Alleviate Inflation

Doing his best Captain Renault impersonation, President Biden is trying to alleviate the troubling inflationary environment by “rounding up the usual suspects”. In this case, that means blame a problem that can only be caused by errant government policies on politically convenient targets such as rising drug prices, Russia’s invasion of the …


Where’s The Promised Transparency in Drug Pricing?

Hospitals are shoring up their balance sheets on the backs of cancer patients, according to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers looked at 25 of the top cancer medications distributed at 61 cancer treatment centers across the country over the course of six months. They found that …


Facts, Economic Reason No Match for Left’s Drug Pricing Fixation

Last week, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee held a hearing, “Prescription Drug Price Inflation: An Urgent Need to Lower Drug Prices in Medicare.” It’s rare to see so many falsehoods in so few words. The idea that drug-price inflation is especially bad or that it poses some sort of threat to …


Drug Pricing Reforms Should Expand Choice, Not Government Control

As President Biden‘s recent State of the Union address made clear, drug pricing will remain a top policy issue for the foreseeable future. The president is correct that something must be done, but his proposals are wrongheaded and will only make things worse. Instead of focusing on government price controls, Congress …


Biden’s Non-Plan for Fighting Inflation

In a recent survey, Americans ranked inflation as the most urgent issue facing the country.  So, our ears perked up when Pres. Biden began laying out his plan to bring down inflation in his State of the Union address.  After listening to his speech, you can’t help but think that …

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