CBS San Francisco Interviews Steven Greenhut on Marin Desalination, Drought


Drought: Transbay Pipeline, Desalination Plant Could Boost Marin’s Dwindling Water Supply
By John Ramos

CORTE MADERA (KPIX) — Communities across the state are desperately searching for ways to make their dwindling water supplies last. In Marin County, one water district is considering sources that they’ve looked to in the past.

The Marin Municipal Water District gets almost all of its water from the Mt. Tamalpais watershed. But one look at Nicasio Reservoir, now at less than 30 percent capacity, shows how dire the supply situation is becoming.

. . .

But Steven Greenhut disagrees. The author of the book, “Winning the Water Wars” says conservation can only go so far and California should be looking for ways to create a larger water supply rather than just managing scarcity.

“It’s a little more costly right now,” he said. “But I think when we’re out of water and districts are talking about rationing, I think we’d be happy to pay a little more to get a consistent, reliable source of water.” . . .

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