Court picks are key

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Crist’s court | May 30

Court picks are key

In this opinion piece, Martin Dyckman is correct in stating that Gov. Charlie Crist will be making one of the most important decisions of his entire governorship in the coming months.

Due to two resignations and two retirements on Florida’s highest court, Crist will have the power to fill four vacancies on the Florida Supreme Court. These next four justices will shape Florida’s judicial path, and it is all in Crist’s hands.

Florida recently has earned dubious recognition as the worst legal system (50th) in the nation by the Pacific Research Institute, and South Florida was named the No. 1 “Judicial Hellhole” in the nation by the American Tort Reform Association.

Crist has an opportunity to put our court back on the right track by choosing well-qualified justices who will interpret the law and not make the law.

Appointing good, balanced justices can potentially be the start of a positive trend for Florida courts. Let’s hope Gov. Charlie Crist seizes the opportunity. Good justices do matter.

Carlos Muhletaler, executive director, Florida Stop Lawsuit Abuse, Boca Raton

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