Despite Democrats’ Celebratory Mood, It’s A Sad Day For American Patients.

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Democrats laud these price controls, which they glibly dub “negotiations,” as a way to lower drug costs for seniors on Medicare. But in the not-too-distant future, people of all ages may look back and rue this day—as the beginning of the end of America’s medical golden age.

President Joe Biden celebrated a milestone today—but American patients have no reason to cheer.

The White House announced the first 10 prescription drugs that, starting in 2026, will be subject to price controls authorized by the Inflation Reduction Act . . .

It’s laudable that lawmakers want to reduce out-of-pocket drug prices for seniors. But the tradeoffs inherent in price controls make them a brutal way to achieve this goal.  Without access to recently approved medicines or R&D dollars to bring miracle drugs to market, U.S. patients who otherwise would survive, instead will die.

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