Digital Learning Conference 2014 – Pacific Research Institute

Digital Learning Conference 2014

On December 4th, 2013, in San Diego, the Paci?c Research Institute convened school board members from around California to learn more about the digital-education revolution that is sweeping the country.The conference was developed by Lance Izumi, senior director of PRI’s Education Center.

The four workshops were led by prominent computer industry executives and digital learning advocates.Ted Smith, chairman and CEO of the MIND Research Institute, spoke at the ?rst workshop, which focused on the foundation of the digital-education revolution—interactive and adaptive software.  He detailed the success of MRI’s software in raising the achievement of low-income students in places like Santa Ana, California.

Scott Ellis, CEO of the Learning Accelerator, and James Konantz of K12, Inc., speakers at the second workshop, discussed different ways of bringing digital learning into schools.  Ellis delivered his remarks and answered questions remotely from his home in Northern California, thus emphasizing the possibilities of technology-assisted distance education.

In the third workshop, Michael Horn, executive director of education for the Christensen Institute, gave a comprehensive overview of the current state of the digital-education revolution and its potential for the future.  He pointed out that simply giving students laptops or tablets is not revolutionary, but, rather, it is how those tools are used that breaks the teaching-and-learning status quo.

Finally, in the fourth workshop, attendees heard from Branche Jones, a Sacramento-based legislative advocate, and Konantz on the obstacles to expanding digital learning, such as government regulation and special-interest opposition.


The conference was emceed by PRI Vice President Christine Hughes and organized by Cindy Chin, events consultant to PRI.  It was attended by more than 40 school board members.  PRI has been holding conferences for school board members since 2005.


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