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Drug Companies Are Delivering a “Golden Age of Medicine.” Let’s Protect It. - Pacific Research Institute

Drug Companies Are Delivering a “Golden Age of Medicine.” Let’s Protect It.

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Under the SMART Prices Act, the government could impose price caps just five years after approval. And there’d be no distinction between small-molecule and biologic drugs.

New vaccines for scourges like malaria and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. New cancer drugs that can cut death rates by half or even cause complete remission. The discovery of a biomarker that could identify people who would benefit from investigational drugs for Parkinson’s Disease. Breakthrough treatments that curb obesity and other addictive behaviors.

Innovations like these have led The New York Times to declare the 2020s a “golden age for medicine.”

But this golden age might be cut short, and a new generation of cures lost to bad policy, if legislation called the SMART Prices Act advances.

Read the full article at DC Journal

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