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Electronic Health Records: Blah, Blah, Blah

An example of this just crossed my path. Back in September 2000, the Canadian and provincial governments committed to a nationally consistent EHR-system. The province of Ontario, which runs a government-monopoly, single-payer, health system for its 12 million residents, got to work developing a province-wide EHR system, “eHealth”.

Under state monopoly, you wouldn’t think that would be too difficult. Well, last October, the provincial Auditor-General published a report detailing the project’s $1 billion cost-overruns and history of “no-bid” contracts. To recover from the scandal, the province just appointed a veteran IT executive, who insists that Ontarians not give up on the promise of EHRs!

Well, the people of Ontario have to wait months for access to specialist medical care. I suppose they won’t mind waiting a few more years, and wasting a few more billion dollars, on a government IT bureaucracy.

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