Govt Health Care: Attempting to Spread the Misery

Dakota Voice (Rapid City, SD), October 19, 2009

We frequently hear proponents of government health care cite a figure of 46 million-ish Americans who don’t have health insurance. That would be roughly 16% of Americans who don’t have health care insurance.

While it’s pretty mind-boggling that our president and congress would want to jeopardize the health insurance of the 84% of Americans who have no crisis, it’s even worse than that.

The Weekly Standard and Jeffrey H. Anderson at the New York Post found something interesting in Census Bureau figures.

Of the alleged 46 million uninsured, 9 million of those are in America illegally. Not only do they not deserve taxpayer-funded health insurance, they need to be sent home ASAP.

The Census Bureau information also states that 16.9% of those who stated they did not have health insurance actually DID have coverage–through an existing government health care program called Medicaid. That knocks off another 9 million to bring the total of uninsured Americans down to 28 million uninsured, or about 10%.

So President Obama and his fellow socialists in congress want to scuttle our existing system (and let’s make no pretense here–they intend to do away with the entire free market system, either in steps or altogether) covering 90% on the pretense of extending health coverage to the remaining 10%?

Since when does any sane organization sacrifice 90% that’s working for 10% that isn’t…and in the end leave 100% with a stinky turd of a system?

Well, sane organizations don’t do things like that. Only liberals, socialists and other idiots do things like that.

It’s good to put things into perspective, isn’t it?

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