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Health care myths obstruct reform

As a retired physician and a conservative, I sometimes feel like a voice in the wilderness in this era of liberalism. Our nation is an enigma. When times are good, we do all we can to get government out of our lives; but when times are bad, we jump back into the womb of big government. We are currently deep in the womb. My fear is that we are on the brink of destroying the best health care system in the world, based on misinformation.

Is it true that government health care is more efficient? What about the so called 46 million uninsured in the U.S.? Do we really want the Canadian style of health care? Are we really spending too much for health care? What’s really behind high drug costs?

In my effort to separate fact from fiction, I came across a really great Web site that gives a real chance make an informed choice as to what’s best for this country:

1. Go to:

2. Under Recent Publications open “The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care.”

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and open “Read PDF Study.”

Warning: It’s a very long, complete article. If pressed for time, at least read Myths One, Two, Seven and Ten and Solutions. We have the best health care of any country in the world. We all know that it has problems, but in order to save it, we first have to separate facts from fiction.

Ben R. Mayne, M.D.


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