Hospitals aren’t being honest about costs, and we’re paying the price

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Imagine receiving a bill for $10,000. It’s from your local hospital, where you had a minor procedure. But you have no idea why it’s so high, or how you’re going to pay.

If you’ve ever had an experience like this, you’re not alone. In 2020, a California couple was billed $80,000 for their twins’ stay in intensive care. In 2022, a South Carolina hospital charged a woman more than $5,000 for a breast biopsy, after refusing to give her a price estimate in advance. And that was just her share of the $18,000 the hospital billed.

It’s become so common for patients to receive shockingly high post-care hospital bills that Kaiser Health News started a “bill of the month” feature to showcase the worst offenders. In many cases, patients tried to figure out their costs before getting care but were told the information wasn’t available.

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