Kerry Jackson talks about how overregulation hurts business in Forbes


San Francisco and NYC retail and restaurant sectors are beginning to see the ugly side of socialism: store closures and layoffs, as their owners cannot keep up with local government mandates that raise the costs of their businesses.

Socialism is in fashion again in America. At the local level that is, where governments have been passing mandates that tell corporations how to run their businesses. . .

. . .Simply put, government mandates make it difficult to run businesses. “When governments get involved in the private sector with mandates and regulations that dictate how companies are run, they’re making it more difficult for them to do business,” says Kerry Jackson, Fellow in California Studies at the Pacific Research Institute.

“Thousands of businesses have fled California in the last 10 years for this reason.Yet politicians keep passing laws that give some companies little choice but to leave. It’s not smart policymaking.” . . .

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