Lance Izumi Quoted in New York Post on Education, Newsom Recall


6,163,001 reasons for California voters to recall Gavin Newsom on Tuesday
By Deroy Murdock

There are 6,163,001 reasons for California voters to recall Gavin Newsom on Tuesday. That’s the number of K-12 students who largely are ill-served by the Golden State’s Democratic governor.

California once boasted America’s finest government classrooms. I was highly fortunate to attend such schools in Los Angeles, from kindergarten in 1969 until high-school graduation in 1982. Back then, kids actually learned something from mainly talented teachers.

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The Pacific Research Institute’s Lance Izumi considers Newsom a sworn enemy of school choice.

“Under a 2019 law signed by Governor Newsom, local school boards can deny a charter [school] petition if it finds that the proposed charter ‘is demonstrably unlikely to serve the interests of the entire community,’ which is a carte-blanche reason to deny any charter petition,” Izumi wrote early this year. “In other words, the future of charter schools in California looks very rocky at best.”

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