Loss of Medicaid isn’t a crisis. It’s a chance to make coverage better, cheaper


More than 16 million Americans have lost Medicaid coverage in recent months, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Two million Texans have rolled off Medicaid, newly released state data show. That’s good news, despite what the Biden administration would have us believe.

For decades, Medicaid has burdened taxpayers with billions of dollars in wrongly allocated payments while providing beneficiaries substandard care. Taxpayers and beneficiaries themselves would be well served by a swift process of redetermining whether those currently enrolled in the program are actually eligible — and reforms that make private insurance more affordable.

The size of Medicaid has swelled in recent years. During the pandemic, the federal government restricted states’ ability to “disenroll” people who no longer qualified, often because they’d moved up to a higher income level.

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