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Overregulation hinders New Jersey’s charities

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By Wayne Winegarden & Regina Egea

New Jersey has long been ranked as one of the most expensive places to live and worst to do business. Add to that list a new ranking of the state as one of the worst states to operate a charity.

With over 50,000 nonprofit organizations in New Jersey employing nearly 600,000 people, this development should have us all concerned.

A new Philanthropy Roundtable ranking of the best and worst states for charity regulations finds that New Jersey ranks as the third-worst state in the country for regulations imposed on charities.

A few years back, LPS Industries vice president Paul Harencak told a Garden State Initiative policy forum that state government required a company to complete 58 pages of paperwork to register a business in New Jersey.

Click to read the full article at the New Jersey Monitor.

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