PRI Says Government Can’t Play Venture Capitalist in Union Tribune Story on Hydrogen Fuel

Title: More stations for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles lined up for San Diego

By: Rob Nikolewski

For nearly four years, there has been just one fueling station in the San Diego area for the few owners of hydrogen cell vehicles to fill up their cars.

But the California Energy Commission has OK’d $39.1 million to help construct 36 new hydrogen fueling stations across the state, with a portion of that money going to four new stations in San Diego County. . .

. . .Not everyone is cheering, though.

Wayne Winegarden, senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute, a San Francisco-based organization that advocates free-market solutions to policy issues, said state agencies should not be funding such projects.

“I have nothing against the technology,” Winegarden said. “There are better ways to support innovation, which is what the state should be doing, especially in light of the budget crisis we’re already facing, the homelessness crisis, the wildfires. It’s the state playing the role of venture capitalist.” . . .


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