Report compares state tort environments. – Pacific Research Institute

Report compares state tort environments.

A report released by the not-for-profit Pacific Research Institute ranks the best and worst state tort systems in the United States. “U.S. Tort Liability Index: 2008 Report” valuated the tort laws of each state, in addition to taking into consideration tort costs and litigation risks. North Dakota was found to be tops in terms of low tort costs, but the report suggests that lack of strong tort reform laws could make that state a target for trial lawyers in the future. Conversely, Florida ranked the worst in terms of tort cost and litigation risk, but was determined to have some of the best tort laws in the United State due to recent reforms. States considered to have the best overall tort rules were Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Florida, and Michigan. States considered to have the worst were Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

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