Sally Pipes’ comments on the return of CA universal healthcare proposal in The Center Square


California proposal for universal healthcare bans private care, doubles spending

By Kenneth Schrupp

Healthcare experts say this measure would increase doctor wait times, shortages and strikes in a state public healthcare system already suffering from too few doctors.

In Canada, where private coverage is outlawed, the average wait time from seeing a primary care doctor to getting specialist treatment grew to 27.8 weeks in 2023, the longest on record, said Pacific Research Institute President Sally Pipes to The Center Square.

“There will be a doctor shortage in CA as doctors will face reduced payments for their services as is the case under Medi-Cal.  Many of the best doctors will retire early or move to states where they can be paid the market rate for their services,” Pipes said.

“Under Kalra’s bill, there will be no private care allowed.  Where will Californians go to get the best and timely medical care?,” continued Pipes.

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